Getting old, back problems

I didn’t feel like editing the previous post. About 3 weeks ago I popped a disc out of my back. It’s still out of place right now. I’ve been to two doctors so far. The second one was able to help me a little, cracking my back into place. I was supposed to go back 3 days later after the first visit so he could work on it again. However, it’s too much money that my mom is willing to spend on me since we do not have health insurance, or at least I don’t. My mom and dad do. It was 180$ for the first visit, but after that the price drops to 45$. That’s too much money in my mother’s eyes to help get me back in an okay condition. So far it’s been about nine days since the doctor cracked my back into place, and used some “cold laser” technology on it. I’m really in a shit load of pain. It’s almost near impossible for my fat ass to bend the hell over, pull things, or even lift things. All the normal things I’d do. I can’t. I can’t even run. It just fucking hurts. You should see the way I sleep at night. It’s, well interesting.

Did I mention my mother is going to the doctors tonight to have her back set? Wonderful. She goes twice every week. Tuesdays and Fridays. I’d go with her, but I’d have to pay my own way from now on. Since Rutgers has yet to pay my ass for training, well. Shit I’m out of luck. It’s not like I get paid for all the bullshit I do around this house either. Though they are letting me stay in this house rent free.

Shit I have yet to eat something today, and it’s already 5:30.

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