Getting closer

Sunday I got a chance to sneak out and look at the 1999 Firebird for sale (for $5,700.00) in East Hanover. A beautiful car if there ever was one.

However, there is some bad news: The car has a dent in the front-right rim—estimated cost for a new rim $214.99. The car will also need new tires, which go hand in hand with the bent rim. You can assume that the tire will lose air once the seal on the original 1999 tires are replaced (due to the broken seal that was formed between the original tire and rim). New Goodyear Tires–estimated cost per tire $105.00–125.00 (x 4).

The car is definitely drivable and handles extremely well regardless of what I just stated. Taking that into account, I would see it reasonable to deduct $730.00 from the asking price of the car—making it a total of $4,970.00. I am not including any average wear on the car or any of the existing scratches (there is one on the right front fender and a scratch on the door, along with normal road wear). I would probably max out at $5,000 or $5,100.00, but I know my mother would kill me.

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