I’ve been pretty busy lately doing various things, so sorry for the lack of updates. Besides getting yelled at by my parents all the bloody time, most of my other time has been well spent and wasted in the Operations room at Rutgers. Pretty much where I am right now… about to leave since my shift is almost over. Woohoo. Sad news is: I think my car is broken. There was a crack, which sounded to me to be from the rear. After the sound the car began to shake for the most part. I was unable to pass 55 mph (roughly–a little less) without the car feeling like it was in some kind of Earthquake. Later, I looked at the car and it looks like my transmission or drive shaft is fucked. So the car sits in the one student parking lot. I wonder how I’ll be getting home once 7 AM rolls around and I sign the hell out.

On the lighter side of things, I met up with xTina a few days back. Saw a movie with her, since we were both planning on it for a while. Wonderful, scary and the bloodiest horror movie I’ve ever seen. Freaked her out as well. But I do have this to say… she did look pretty that night. Pretty much doesn’t matter if I say it now because she’s not on here to read that. However, I randomly told one of her friends that, and they told her! Damnit! All I said was she looked cute. It’s not like it was a date or anything, because it wasn’t. (though one can wish!).

Oh well. Tired 🙁

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