The count down begins

Only a few more hours till 3:00 PM today, when my parents come down to pick me up & go to buy the Firebird. I’m somewhat excited and somewhat scared at this point. There has to be something wrong with this car if he’s holding it for me, turning down offers made by other people with cash-on-hand. My mom is somewhat skeptical because she states, “There are not too many honest people in this world anymore.” I can probably guarantee you that my parents will find something wrong with the car. They’ll state the transmission is going, the frame is bad, the engine block is cracked… Who knows? Then the promise to the guy of “I’ll be buying this car, please hold it for me” will be broken. I don’t like breaking my promises when everything seems to be okay at the moment. This car seems like a deal and a half, but who knows. Maybe my mom and dad are worried that I’ll get another lemon (having to repair basically everything in the car before I could drive it).

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