So tired

Someone help me. I’m warn out. Post a comment.

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5 thoughts on “So tired”

  1. So what is your problem? I know what you’ve written in the past. I keep up with your blog on occasions, you aren’t completely unheard.

    I’m at the end of semester here down under. I’ve been finding it harder to be motivated to study, and am finding the study less fulfilling this year, and more of a slog (especially finishing essays at 3.30 a.m.!) I think I need a break so I’m probably deferring a year from Honours (that’s the equivalent of your Senior year) next year.

    Try checking out this blog – some of the entries may ring a bell for you or at least give you a laugh:

    It can help you gain perspective, which is always good.

    BTW, your new car is more recent and in better nick than mine!

  2. So far I’ve failed my 3 midterms. First midterm (E&M) 46/100, second midterm (Atomic Physics) 38/100, and third midterm (Calc5) 32/100. I don’t know what’s going on. I understand the material for Atomic and Calc5 perfectly fine too. It’s E&M where I have the trouble.

  3. Oh, no – you poor bugger. I’ve just handed in a take-home exam in anthropology, so I haven’t had leisure before now to see if you responded.

    It’s tough when you don’t understand where, how and why things went wrong in your work. Until you can figure that out, you can’t start to do anything constructive about it.

    You’re intelligent – that’s evident. You wouldn’t be at Rutgers if you weren’t. I won’t try to offer any advice on how to attack your study problems. I’m sure you can or have figured that out with some clear thinking. Good luck with getting the energy and motivation to pursue it. When you are feeling demoralising that can be hard.

  4. I’m stting here at 4:14 am attempting to do Atomic Physics homework due later today… and I can’t seem to get it. Stuff I’ve done in the past too. I’m so blah right now that I just want to quit school. Find a new major and waste another 3 years.

  5. I’ve done my course mostly part-time over several years. The last 2 years I’ve alternated between 2/3 workload in one semester and full-time the next. I found the units I did in first semester this year bloody hard. One of them, I’d get so frustrated trying to get my head around the theory and decide what I thought I’d almost be in tears and I was ready to bite anyone who came near me (Richard and the kids have had to put up with a lot!). This last semester has been full-time, and it’s been a hell of a slog to just keep up my head above water. I’m glad I was part-time most of the way through.

    I have one essay to hand in tomorrow and I’m finished. How long until the end of the uni year or semester for you?

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