She tired me out

I should have been working on my Thermal Physics today after Astronomy 343, but I didn’t. I’m lazy—I know. After spending the entire weekend in my dorm alone, bored, and with nothing to do I finally got out today!

I went to the mall today with a friend of mine. Helped her pick out a hand-bag for her mom, but that came at a price of nearly $300.00! Nonetheless, Coach is fucking expensive. I hope her mom likes it considering the poor girl spent a lot of time trying to find the right one. For her sake I hope it matches her mom’s wallet. Hehe. I guess after that, we walked around some more, she bought more things for her friends for Valentines’ Day, and I bought the ice cream because I’m cheap like that… Actually I wanted to buy a jacket, but I didn’t see anything I liked! It’s like 7 degrees Fahrenheit in New Brunswick and in the negative with the wind chill factor! I don’t think my corduroy jacket is cut out for this weather. My leather jackets definitely aren’t meant for the cold. Not to mention someone stole my scarf when I was at the dining hall Saturday. I’m somewhat depressed about that since it was a gift from a friend. It kept me warm and smelt nice.

On a side note, I have to say Dee looked absolutely beautiful. She has to be lying to me. She is not fat!! She doesn’t have to hide a thing. Damn it. I can’t stress that enough. I do not a clue why she says that. Hell, she even got asked to try out for modeling in the mall! I used to be a model and I wasn’t asked. Take that babe! I guess it’s a complex like the times I call myself ugly. Don’t be fooled.. me being ugly is true.. erm a fact. Just ask anyone.

I think 300 comes out this Friday. Friday 2/23, The Number 23 comes out. I hope someone can join me for either of those movies! 🙂

Damn, I’m tired. Class at 12:00 Woohoo.

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