Almost died yesterday

All that has to be said is “rain,” but here is the story. I was driving right out of the toll getting off the New Jersey Turnpike to Route 18/1 North.

It all happened where the road after the toll splits into two exits. 18/1 North to the right, and 18 South to the left (as most of you from the New Brunswick or New Jersey in gerneral should know by now).

I was going to take 18/1 North, when this little car decides he doesn’t wanna go south, cuts in front of me while we’re going into that turn. The road is already wet, nice and slick due to the rain.

Going into the turn, the little car cuts me off, I step on the breaks, but it was too wet, so I lost control of the car and I do a complete 180. Five cars just barely missed me. It was pretty much as scene out of a movie. I landed straight facing the direction of traffic right in the shoulder lane. (The thing that cops usually use to pass people.. and the wonderful ****s that love to pass you.) In all, I missed the guard rail by inches.

I got out followed by “AMEN…” looked at the car not a dent or scratch. In my infinite wisdom I was like alright, I can drive now, well I pull out and almost get hit by a truck.. so screw that. Waited for everyone to be gone with… and made it to work safely after the fact.

Lesson in the learning—Rip out the Open Diff and put in LSD.. something I’ve been meaning to do since I got the car.

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3 thoughts on “Almost died yesterday”

  1. A limited-slip diff. would not have helped–it probably would’ve made things worse.

    Invest in good tires and make sure that your suspension, brakes, alignment are in good shape.

  2. Yeah, I was figuring it might make it worse.

    I never liked the tires, but since they were new I’ll use them till they rot.

    How are things?

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