Almost died, pt. 2

After another beautiful let down again today, I set on my journey home. It was approximately 2:04 pm when I left Busch Campus at Rutgers. I was on my way up north on the New Jersey Turnpike. There was mild traffic, where I soon broke away from the crowd, where it became peaceful. This was suddenly going to change in a heart beat.

Around 2:40 pm it was just me, and this other truck (I think it was black, it was definitely a dark color & Jersey plates) in the slow lane going about 55 MPH near exit 13. Slow, isn’t it? As I get into the middle lane to pass the poor guy, this other truck (white & out of state driver) comes rocketing down the fast lane. She was driving so fast that it shook my poor Firebird. I slowed up as she passed me, where she cut in front of me, and then into the slow lane. Why she did that was beyond me. She then rammed the dark colored truck in the ass sending it the truck spinning into the center divider. I slammed on my breaks because it was only about 40 feet in front of me. Pieces from both the trucks are flying all over the place. I narrowly missed the poor dark truck by mere feet by the time he passed me. The lady in the white truck was still ahead of me driving before she stopped a mile up the road away from the victims she just smashed into. To say the least I wish I had my phone on me to call the 9-1-1. I didn’t even stop. Damn it… I’m bad.

When I got home it was 3:06 pm, I rushed to the news, but nothing was on Channel 61 Traffic and Weather for New Jersey, nor on New Jersey Channel 12. It’s now 4:43 pm and I still have yet to see anything about the accident on any news station (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, News 12, etc…). I really hope the guy and his family in the dark SUV are alright. I’ll be updating this entry if I see any more information on the news or wherever.

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