When will I be well?

As most of you know I have/had a heart problem for the last 3 or so years. Until recently I was told not to partake in any stressful activity, but as of a month or so ago I was told I could. I haven’t done jack shit in the month that I was told I could start working out, having sex, distance running, and most importantly… jerking off (haha). Maybe I can get back into modeling! It has been nearly 2 years since I did anything. I miss it… for as much as I hated it because I’m one ugly fuck.

Now, as of about 2 hours ago I started working out. I figured why not do it at 12am, since I had work in 24 hours. I started working out very (very, very, very) lightly of course. I can’t even do my own body weight anymore. I could only do about a 3rd or even less. If things couldn’t be any worse, my ass is fat (I can practically palm the fat. Just think it used to be hard as a rock). My stomach lost all it’s tone that I had back when I started college, my caves lost 2 inches. To do a simple jog, 1600 meters took me 14 minutes and 47 seconds. Just think I used to do 3.1 miles in 14 minutes and 57 seconds (I think that was my best time senior year in high school). After I got done with the mile jog/walk, I fell to the floor in a pile of sweat and in sharp pain in my chest. I finally decided to roll over from the pain and write this little blurb. I’m so going back to the doctor and bitching at him.

I wonder how long it will take for me to get back into shape, and lose all the fat. If I can get myself to either lose 25 pounds or lose the fat in my ass and stomach I’ll be trilled. Why am I tempted to work out? Why not? Why not from the day I was told I was healthy? Stressed for one, I’ve had way too much on my mind lately dealing with te RIAA and MPAA. In spite of everything else, I would like to say I’m tempted to work out because like any story it’s all about a girl [/spider-man quote].

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