Happy ID4!

Yesterday I went out to see Transformers. To my surprise it wasn’t a bad film. The robots were awesome once you got to see them standing 20 feet tall. I wasn’t bothered by the fact the movie seemed like a long and over drawn General Motors commercial because once you saw them transform it was just awesome. I know a lot of people have problems with the movie being a “sellout” to GM, but whatever. Among other things you had an evil Mustang that was just cool, tanks, choppers, planes, and a robot scorpion. I thought Bumble Bee as a mid-1970 (1974 – 1981 body) style Camaro worked perfectly fine. His emotions carried true to the original Beetle and you can really feel bad for him once he was taken hostage by Sector 7. The only thing that killed it for me was all the filthy humans. I was like, “Less filthy humans and more robot destruction! Come’on!” Every time there was some kind of action sequence with robots fighting you would often see the camera going off to view humans fighting back and running for cover. More robots please.

They also handed out the “Transformers Movie Prequel” sponsored in part by Target (almost as evil as Walmart, but not quite). I’ve taken it upon myself to scan the comic at 600 dpi because not everyone who gets to see the movie gets a free comic book. It’s a shame, so without further interruption here is your download! I made it into a CBR file, so you might want to get the comic book reader or re-name *.cbr to *.zip.

By the way, happy Independence Day! Now, go watch Will Smith kick some alien ass!

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