After 22 years, finally!

It seems I caused quite a stir on Facebook with my last entry. Damn that Facebook RSS & Atom import tool. I love you guys! I do have to say I’m not all that interested in sex. You might as well leave that out of the system of equations for me. I just find it completely frustrating that I can’t get anyone to go on a date with me. It’s understandable if I over-do the putting myself down thing, but even when I do not put myself down they cancel. I do act differently around certain people. At least when I introduce myself I’m a calm (almost spelt qualm which is the exact opposite of what I’m being described as by others), quiet, and easygoing guy. I’m not all that “emo.” I really have to thank everyone who left a comment on my Facebook import. I’m glad all of you had something to say to help improve myself in becoming a more sensible man.

I do have good news though. I’ve lived in the same house for almost 22 years now. In those 22 years I never once had my own room. I’ve always shared my room with my brother or I slept on the couch.

Most of you guys know about my dad’s crazy addition that he has been doing for the last 2 years (going on 3 this fall). One of the first rooms to be completed in this addition was my room and bathroom. But I’ve never had the pleasure of having the room that was built specifically for me. My parents master bedroom was completed about a year and a half ago, but did they move into it right away? No.

Since my dad started the addition I’ve slept even slept on the floor aside from sleeping on the couch, while my parents used my room. Things changed about 4 weeks ago my mom finally ordered a bed that was nearly $5,000 dollars. It was one of those Tempurpedic jobs—form body conforming things with reclining abilities. It finally came in a week and a half ago. But as most of you know nothing ever goes right in this house. The guys who were responsible for setting up the mattresses did it wrong. As I sat on the bed to test it out for my mom, the bed collapsed on me. This is not surprising. Everything seems to go wrong for us. The company who my mom ordered the bed from had the nerve to tell us the floors were uneven in the new section of the house. After enough bitching they decided “okay, we’ll come down to fix the bed.” All they did was use the extra parts provided in the box of parts that they decided not to use the first time they were here.

Anyway, with that said and done my parents moved out of my room yesterday leaving me their old bed and furniture. Their bed scares me, and the furniture is something from the 1940s because that’s what they like. They like all the old wood work, whereas I could care-less about it. I believe it’s called the “soapbox-style.”  As for that bed, God only knows what my parents have done on that thing, and now I’m sleeping on it. Ew. I asked my mom sometime yesterday when I’d get a new bed… and she said “since we paid half your car insurance this year, not for a long time. Be happy you got your room after all these years.” That kind of suck, but oh well. Can’t argue now.

So it being the first night in my room, I found it to be uneasy. It felt completely unnatural for me to be in a room with a bed that didn’t hurt my back. I tossed and turned for the whole night. In the middle of the night I must have gotten up somewhere around 4 times to get water or even to just walk around. I wanted to go lay on the sofa, but my father was passed out on it. Figures. In the morning my mother asked me how I slept, I honestly told her horrible. I’m sure I’ll get use to it in time before we all have to leave to go back to Rutgers.

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