On December 5th, 2008 I bought my very first Ford Mustang. She is a 2008 model and a beautiful vapor silver. Tme are tough, and I’m not sure why I bought it. However, it has shown to be a worthy replacement to my 1998 Pontiac Firebird. As of right now, I have a few plans for her and here is my proposed “to-do list.” I know people will say it’s only a V-6, but I beg to differ. Once I’m done it will be a nice V-6.

To-do List

Things to buy:

Stage 1:

$484.99 – JBA Headers
$739.99 – JBA Exhaust
$349.99 – Rear Fascia & Rear Valance

Stage 2:

$ 949.99 8.8″ rear 3.55 gears http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100216%20Rear%20End.aspx

Stage 3:

$ 494.99 * 4 Alcoa Wheels  http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100222%20Alcoa%20Wheel.aspx
$ 694.99 Baer Brakes, rear http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100259%20Baer%20brakes%2C%20rear.aspx
$1394.99 Baer Brakes, front http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100261%20Baer%20brakes%2C%20front.aspx
$1224.99 Eibach Suspension Kit http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100844%20Eibach%20Suspension%20Kit.aspx

Stage 4:

$4499.99 Paxton Supercharger http://www.shelbyperformanceparts.com/ShowItem/100084%20Paxton%20Supercharger.aspx

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