Touching Evil

There once was a day I was sitting in the Society of Physics students meeting down in the old Physics Lecture Hall. It was that day when I saw a beautiful girl. It was someone I dare not speak to or even look at due to her beauty. Maybe I was just scared or intimidated by who she was with. He was lucky. I’ll grant him that.

However, that day came when we finally met and locked lips ripping those two apart. She says I did it out of loneliness, out of a lack of compassion, out of the fact she liked me and I didn’t like her. Though somehow now I do only because she likes me. That is no so. I did it for my own selfish reasoning. It was because of that day that I knew there would be something special. Something that until the time we finally talked I knew would happen. I have my reasons, and she has her own. I just saw that day coming forward at its own pace.

It is my fault. I should have never walked into that meeting and saw her there. I should have never looked in her direction and thought I could have her in my arms for a night or eternity. She belonged to someone else. I’m sorry. I wanted her for my own as she briefly wanted me. She’ll never forgive me.

Now, the day has come where she hates me for it. I’m now here by myself clueless. Broken hearted. I’m tired. Getting old. Too busy to play this game of cat and mouse. I wanted to be content, settle down slowly. Please her. Please me. Be happy. She runs away broken hearted over another. Both broken hearted. Tired. The night is barely alive and neither am I.

It looks like I have lost this one.

Farewell angel eyes.

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