A sad day for my baby…

November 15, 2008 would be a sad day for me. Someone ran a stop sign as I was entering an intersection, and… well… as you can expect… I got into a car accident. My beautiful Firebird was totaled out by the insurance. Feel free to view the photos on Facebook. I picked up my police report last week. I was just beside myself when I read the vehicle description. Here is some information I pulled off the report itself (word-for-word):

Driver 1 (me): (25) — No contributing factors.
Driver 2: (02) – Driver inattention.

Collision Description:
Driver of Veh. 1 reported travelling behind a vehicle west on Lanza Ave. As the vehicle made a left turn onto Main Street south, Veh. 1 proceeded forward and struck Veh. 2, which was travelling north on Main St. Driver of Veh.2 reported travelling south on Main St. was struck by Veh 1, which was travelling west on Lanza Ave. Both driver of Veh. 1 and Veh. 2 reported that party driving the vehicle in front of Veh. 1 was on the cell phone while operating the vehicle, which was not on scene.

Now, I’m carless. Not only that, it lists me at fault in the collision description. The description of the collision I gave the officer does not match or reflect my side of the story. He completely left out the part where my car sat is how much my car got pushed off to the side when hit. He left out the fact the other person ran the stop sign. I guess because the other person told the officer he stopped. I hate being at fault. The person had the stop sign from the side street. I had the right of way. I also like the fact it lists two different directions of travel for the other driver. If he proceeded south, like he says, he would have hit my passenger side, not my driver side. /rant.

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3 thoughts on “A sad day for my baby…”

  1. Congrats.

    Car’s doing all right, gearing up for another time trial season. Ought to bring your car out sometime.

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