Wrapping around the Universe

I had a phone interview with the nice gentlemen at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. The position might be for a Web Content Developer, but it would be well worth the effort. I’d be conveying proposals to specific audiences. At least I’d apply my degree to something I’ve actively spent the time to learn in-and-out of college. That reminds me… I should really finish reading “The Wrap Around Universe.” Besides, it would be fun to work closely with other scientists to present their material to whom they want. Maybe they will let me use the giant radio telescopes. I really hope they give me a call back in 2 weeks or less.

This be back to a program I wrote in C++ for Stars and Star Formation last April. It was to determine the mass and radius of a white dwarf given a specific central density (?c) and stepping size (?r). Well, yesterday I took some free time and rewrote it in PHP. Just in case you’re interested to see it in action, click here. if you’re even more curious to see what our Sun would be like as a white dwarf, put in 162.2 (g/cm3) for the central density, and 1000 (cm) for the stepping size. You’ll be surprised at how small it will get. Not to mention what it would do to the Earth once it expels it’s outer layer of gas. I’ll be adding in extra features, such as: graphing the differences, and temperature read out.

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