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Work muses

(04:44:19 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: (04:45:40 PM) nikow: you’re bizzare (04:45:50 PM) nikow: BIZZZAAAAARRRROOOO 16:45 (04:54:37 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: chicken dance! (04:55:07 PM) nikow: you need a girlfriend (04:55:11 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I know. (04:55:12 PM) nikow: or a boyfriend (04:55:18 PM) nikow: i don’t know anymore (04:55:20 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I’m ugly. Wont be able to get one. […]