Work muses

(04:44:19 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997:
(04:45:40 PM) nikow: you’re bizzare
(04:54:37 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: chicken dance!
(04:55:07 PM) nikow: you need a girlfriend
(04:55:11 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I know.
(04:55:12 PM) nikow: or a boyfriend
(04:55:18 PM) nikow: i don’t know anymore
(04:55:20 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I’m ugly. Wont be able to get one.
(04:56:06 PM) nikow: im just going to stop right here… This is what physcotherapists get paid money to do.
(04:56:28 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: here or there?
(04:56:36 PM) nikow: stop!!!!
(04:56:45 PM) nikow: @#%!@#%
(04:57:08 PM) nikow: damn philisphoical musings
(04:57:36 PM) jon.sattelberger: I am already here, so to proceed forward would bring me there.
(04:58:10 PM) nikow: But your actual fuel mileage may vary right?
(04:58:45 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: Varies upon mental states
(04:58:53 PM) nikow: when will then be now?
(04:58:55 PM) nikow: soon
(04:59:05 PM) nikow: go back to then
(04:59:10 PM) nikow: can’t we just missed it
(04:59:13 PM) jon.sattelberger: We must go back to the future!
(04:59:28 PM) nikow: i got a flux capacitor in my deskt
(04:59:39 PM) nikow: I think we can get the mustang up to 88 in the lot
(04:59:54 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: Nope. Those are only Pentium Chips. Everyone knows if you wanna go back in time you need an AMD Processor.
(05:00:12 PM) nikow: yeah to the stone age
(05:00:20 PM) nikow: allright take five i gotta poop

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