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Just a test

Just testing

More Jurassic Park IV updates

I’m sure we all remember long ago (2004-ish) when Jurassic Park IV was proposed to involve Commandos and “Super Solider” dinosaurs. For the sake of better judgement, the draft by William Monahan and John Sayles has been scrapped. Now, 2010… many years later… Drew McWeeny from sat down with Joe Johnston to comment about […]

Work muses

(04:44:19 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: (04:45:40 PM) nikow: you’re bizzare (04:45:50 PM) nikow: BIZZZAAAAARRRROOOO 16:45 (04:54:37 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: chicken dance! (04:55:07 PM) nikow: you need a girlfriend (04:55:11 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I know. (04:55:12 PM) nikow: or a boyfriend (04:55:18 PM) nikow: i don’t know anymore (04:55:20 PM) jon.sattelberger/0C9F6997: I’m ugly. Wont be able to get one. […]

Orionid Meteor Shower

The Orionid meteor shower peaks this week and it could be a very good show, as previous years has shown. The best time to look is before sunrise on Wednesday, October 21st. This is when the Earth encounters the densest part of Halley’s debris stream. The Orionids appear every year around this time when the […]

Another round of upgrading

I made another round at finally upgrading to the latest version of WordPress. I am staggered at the amount of work the developers put into this product. Now I have to tinker with all these new features to see what they do. Maybe I can incorporate it into the next design of JPdb. Yes, I’m […]


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