Preface Objective

While most of my time was spent in the realm of Information Technology, I strive to obtain a position where I can provide meaningful observations, investigations, and related research using the scientific methods, as well as maximize my academic skills.

Preliminary Education

2004—2008         Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey                                                                  Piscataway, New Jersey
Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Astrophysics (emphasis on Physics and Astronomy)
Superior Academic Achievement (S.A.A.) G.P.A. – 3.1 (cumulative G.P.A. for the last 2 years)

Employment History

System Administrator (November 2008—Present)
Fairleigh Dickinson University-Systems & Security, Teaneck, New Jersey

I have aplied advanced knowledge of UNIX systems for the troubleshooting of network and server problems in an effort to maintain the integrity of the Fairleigh Dickinson University network. I manage the creation and maintenance of the Systems & Security training/support manual to help new and existing employees. I also assist faculty, staff, and students with password issues, account and email setup.

  • Advanced research skills are applied to determine the best course of action in a production environment.
  • In an effort to assist current Students and Alumni with the new mail system, I created a PHP5 script to perform the migration of mail from the old IMAP server to new mail server. This script utilized AJAX (Prototype Library) & LDAP validation.
  • Responsible for laying out a plan of action that includes estimates on the cost and schedule involved for the task.
  • Performs the building and configuration of ESX, ESXi and other Virtual Boxes servers for future deployment.
  • Performs the building and configuration of UNIX or Windows-based systems for possible deployment.
  • Performs daily system backup and checking system log for errors.
  • Performs research for a number projects before they are successfully developed.
  • Provides level 2 support for troubleshooting through e-mail and telephone.
  • Administrate and processes mailing lists requests.
  • Configures and customizes Blackberry cellular phones to work with the University mail system.

Operations/Help Desk Consultant (May 2006—May 2009)
Rutgers University-New Brunswick Computing Services, New Brunswick, New Jersey

While registered as a full-time student at Rutgers University, I gained hands on experience working with one of the largest educational network infrastructures in the North Eastern region of the United States. I worked closely with Eden and RCI system administrators to ensure the daily successful operation of the servers and user account maintenance.

  • Monitored 800 hosts and 2000 services using Nagios.
  • Basic and advanced knowledge of UNIX and Windows-based systems for troubleshooting of network and server problems in an effort to maintain the integrity of the Rutgers University network.
  • Provided additional level 1 help desk support for troubleshooting through e-mail and telephone.
  • Assisted users with password/account issues, network support, degradation and resolution.
  • Completed required training sessions.
  • Knowledge of computer technologies and a willingness to increase existing knowledge.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to communicate effectively in a team environment.


    Data Analyst (January 2008—May 2008)
    Professor Andrew Baker of the Rutgers University-Physics Department, Piscataway, New Jersey

    I worked on a small research project with Professor Andrew Baker of the Rutgers University Physics department. Professor Andrew Baker adapted the program “isovel,” based on a new coordinatization suggested by J.R. Herrnstein’s Ph.D. thesis and D.M. Christodoulou et al. 1993 (Astrophysical Journal, c.  416, 74). This was an independent research project concentrating on galaxy gas mergers of IRAS 17208. The goal of this research is to achieve the best possible curve fit (simulation) to the galaxy mergers.

    • Analysis of potential problems in the spatial and velocity dispersion of the data.
    • Analysis with MIRIAD and PGPLOT for problems involving calibration, deconvolution and image analysis of interferometric data.
    • Processed raw data, and constructed a model of the distribution over time, which generated multiple plots with a curve-fit.
    • Rewrote subroutines as per the professor to handle the data modeling accordingly, including chi square calculations for joint fits, and the plot-to-screen capability.


    Webmaster/Administrator (July 2001—Present), Garfield, New Jersey

    I am the founder of, as a side-project to develop web programming ([X] HTML, PHP, and PERL) and graphic design (Adobe, Corel, ULEAD) skills. I worked closely with Universal Studios & IGN Entertainment to promote the release of Jurassic Park III and other Universal Studios movies. To accomplish such a task, I assembled a team of people from all over the United States came together to work on this project, promoting the news on a daily basis.

    • Created a personal content management software programmed in PHP with a MySQL backend.
    • Used and maintained Ultimate Bulletin Board (PERL & PHP), IPB (PHP) and phpBB (PHP) based forums over the years.
    • Modified a version of WordPress and Invision Power Board to fit the needs of the site in 2008.
    • Performed daily backups, software & security updates, and SQL optimization.

    Technical Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc.), AJAX, AIPS, AutoCAD, C/C++, CIAO tools, DS9, ESX/i, Final Cut Pro, FORTRAN, FTOOLS, HTML/CSS(1/2/3)/PHP/SQL, IDL, IMSI Turbo CAD, IRAF, LabView, Latex, MATLAB, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, etc.), MYRIAD, Shell Programming (BASH, BATCH, etc.), Solaris 9/10, UNIX/Linux, Web administration, Windows 9X/NT/Vista/7/Server Edition.

    • Academic knowledge of the physics of modeling and ability to analyze data, draw conclusions, and organize and summarize information pertaining to the data into reports.
    • Academic knowledge of mathematics sufficient to develop and analyze algorithms, perform the necessary calculations and convert them into computer code.
    • Academic knowledge of the design, development, and test of optical systems. Academic knowledge of geometrical optics (lens design), physical (Fourier) optics, radiometry, optical detectors, optical alignment, specification of optics.
    • Academic experience working in a research environment, where I gained familiarity with scientific data analysis techniques.
    • Working knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum in the wavelengths from approximately the x-ray to the l-millimeter region.
    • While working toward my bachelor’s, I have utilized the 20-inch optical telescope of the Schommer Observatory to carry out astronomical imaging and spectroscopic observations, and have analyzed these observations using professional image-processing software.
    • Additional experience includes the use of the radio telescope at the Schommer Astronomical Observatory to calibrate the telescope’s response, solar variability, and beam width. Working with the radio telescope required strong data analysis and signal processing skills.
    • Demonstrated skill with a broad range of scripting and programming languages. Strong background in computer programming & astrophysics to develop and implement software to preserve data quality, and perform data reduction for processing the astrophysical data (computer data acquisition and processing skills).
    • Experience with analyzing existing code and using a source code management system.
    • Proficiency in C++ and other object oriented programming languages.
    • Knowledgeable of design, development, and deployment of distributed systems.
    • Demonstrated skill with a broad range of scripting and programming languages.
    • Ability to work outside of standard business hours and flexible with the work schedule.
    • Willingness to relocate to fit the geographical needs of the position.
    • Communicates effectively both in writing and orally.
    • The willingness to expand my knowledge and hone the skills necessary to perform design work with difficult or unusual components.

    Relevant Completed Coursework

    1. Principles of Astrophysics I & II                                             9.             High Energy Astrophysics and Radiative Processes
    2. Observational Radio Astronomy (III)                                    10.          Unified Calculus I
    3. Observational Optical Astronomy (IV)                                  11.          Calculus II for Physics and Math (Integral)
    4. Thermal Physics                                                                         12.          Multivariable Calculus (III)
    5. Quantum & Atomic Particle Physics                                      13.          Differential Equations (IV)
    6. Classical Mechanics I & II                                                         14.          Advanced Calculus for Engineers (V)
    7. Electromagnetism I & II                                                            15.          Planet Mars (Geology)
    8. Stars and Star Formation                                                           16.          Geochronology (Geology)

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