White Dwarf application

Determines the Mass (g) and Radius (cm) of a white dwarf, given a central density (rho, g/cm^3) and step-size (r, cm).

Defined constants

The units in this application are pre-defined in CGS-units for simplicity.

G: 		6.67259e-8
c: 		2.99792458e10
m_e: 		9.109382e-28
m_p: 		1.672622e-24
h: 		6.626068e-27
Pi: 		3.141592654
solarMass: 	1.988435e33
solarRadius: 	6.955000e10
mu_e: 		2.0

Run a demo

Aren't sure what to do? Just leave everything blank and hit "Submit Query." The program will run with the pre-defined values.

Example run: 
	Central density: 	1.0E+15 g/cm^3
	Step size: 		100000 cm

Enter values for the Central Density and Step Size

Enter in a value for the Central Density in (g/cm^3):
Enter in a value for the Step Size in (cm):
Display calculations on the screen? Yes No
(Displaying an output to the screen is not recommended for long calculations.)