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Visiting a Friend or Someone Special

There for the day.


Well today was shit on top of shit. I hit the sack around I don’t know, 5:30 this morning? Then, I was rudely awakened by my father at sometime around 10:30 to take him to work in New York City. Now, I’ve never driven there by myself, so talk about me getting lost. When we […]

Zoe Jane

Well I want you to notice To notice when I’m not around And I know that your eyes see straight through me And speak to me without a sound I want to hold you Protect you from all of the things I’ve already endured I want to show you Show you all the things that […]

Highlight of the day

[17:38:47] ::: @RickArnold changes topic to ‘God doesn’t exist! He’s merely a fabrication made by nutjobs to keep weak-minded simpletons in line.’ [17:39:12] (@Spectator) lol [17:39:28] (@RickArnold) If that doesn’t draw in people, I don’t know WHAT will…

New MS Paint?

I was just over at and saw a blurb about version 2. Proposed replacement for MS Paint, because Microsoft aided in the development of the application. Interesting. Here is a user comment to the project that I just found hilarious: Deviant: !goo-lather (#98131204) Date: Dec 28, 2004, 3:53:32 AM Rating: 1.00 / 1 […]