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So late

Did you ever notice that it’s nearly 4am and people on my block are still up, aside from myself. The people across the street are blasting music in their car. It’s loud as shit, as a matter of fact it is shit, shit music. It’s the only kind of music people blast around here that […]

Thoughts about pre-‘Serenity’

Yesterday was great! (or at least I like to think so) I spent the day with my hamstress and such which led to us attending the preview screening of Serenity. We both had mellow expectations for the movie based on the trailer that was released a few weeks back. As such, the work on Serenity […]

This is rather interesting [2]

I found this theme on Alexking which resembles a site that Lufelia showed me the other day, which leads me to think that they too use WordPress 1.5 or better. I’ll be making my own modifications to this theme within the next 20 minutes. I just wanted to get something up so Lufelia doesn’t kick […]

Where does it all come from?

It’s easy to think money grows on trees when you’re not the one paying for any of the expenses. This month has turned out to be rather crazy in the world of expenses. I swear money just flies off the tree and out the window. Let me take a moment and expand on what has […]

Holy shit, you wont believe this!

I was bored and said why not? Little did I know it would work! WOW!