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Go fuck yourself.


I just pulled off a miracle for my siblings. There will be more to come about that later. Now, I just need to die. I have no purpose now. Just let me be. No one cares, nor will care. No matter what I say to certain people it never makes a difference. Shoot me.

Holy C!

MECHANICS 01 750 381 01 3 C so that’s a C in Astrophysics, Mechanics and Scientific & Tech Writing. One more class to go! Holy shit I can’t believe I just passed Mechanics! With a C! OMG! I LOVE YOU GEORGE.

Grades = depression

I got a bloody C in Astrophysics. Waiting on the grades from my 3 other classes. Tomorrow I get my grade for Sci&Tech writing; that’s bound to be an F. Same with Mechanics and Calculus III. Now I will be depressed. Now I am depressed. Simple as that. Goodnight all. Ps. So depressed that I […]


Renewable Energy Source for Rutgers University.