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There are honestly some days that I wish I was home, other days I wish I was away. Thinking back on my spring break, I spent it at home. Bored out of my mind. Got no studying done. Not that I’m getting any done right now. It just pisses me off to see my father […]

What I deal with

This is just a short little thread on what my life in the apartment is like. If you follow this link you’ll see how my wonderful roommate loves to live his life. I warn you not to be eating anything or thinking about eating.

Milk and Stereo

Sometimes I wonder how life is supposed to work. Spring break officially started yesterday at 4:30 for me. A massive amount of work to do over break too. What am I doing? Sitting here in my dorm half-ass naked listening to Milk and Cereal on repeat. I should really be going home because my mom left […]

Shits’ and Giggles’

Okay, so went down the list of things to do today. So far it’s heading out pretty good. I called Maxtor about the replacement, go that settled. Called UPS to find out what the hell is up with my Spire case. Now, that is something interesting. UPS picked up the case and delivered it the […]

Why Maxtor, why?

I’m convinced that Maxtor does not want me to have a 250G or smaller. The second RMA drive from Maxtor bit the dust in 3 days. What kind of shit is that? So that makes 1 retail drive from them, and 2 RMA drives that I’ve received from them in the last 2 weeks. What […]