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After 22 years, finally!

It seems I caused quite a stir on Facebook with my last entry. Damn that Facebook RSS & Atom import tool. I love you guys! I do have to say I’m not all that interested in sex. You might as well leave that out of the system of equations for me. I just find it […]

Can anything go right?

It’s about 0409 in the morning right now. I’m sitting in the dark at work alone monitoring Nagios. It’s surely been a quiet night here, but earlier in day (meaning yesterday too) it was quite eventful. I was woken up at about 1030 in the morning and asked to pull the weeds in the backyard […]

Maxi Priest said it best

“I just wanna be close to you And do all the things you want me to I just wanna be close to you And show you the way I feel” I think I should get off the computer in this thunderstorm.

Happy ID4!

Yesterday I went out to see Transformers. To my surprise it wasn’t a bad film. The robots were awesome once you got to see them standing 20 feet tall. I wasn’t bothered by the fact the movie seemed like a long and over drawn General Motors commercial because once you saw them transform it was […]

Rejected by an angel