Archives for September, 2006

Proud owner

I did the impossible today. I bought a 1998 Pontiac Firebird. Both my mom and dad came down from home to look at the car before I paid the guy. That was really shocking. I was expecting my dad to back out of coming down like he always does right before any event. I’m somewhat […]

The count down begins

Only a few more hours till 3:00 PM today, when my parents come down to pick me up & go to buy the Firebird. I’m somewhat excited and somewhat scared at this point. There has to be something wrong with this car if he’s holding it for me, turning down offers made by other people […]

An unusual update

By request I am updating my blog. I’ll just say that I haven’t spent too much time on the computer as usual. The most I’ve spent on the computer was to write up an Observational Astronomy lab (#2). I still have yet to complete it, but I will soon. Pretty much all that is left […]