Proud owner

I did the impossible today. I bought a 1998 Pontiac Firebird. Both my mom and dad came down from home to look at the car before I paid the guy. That was really shocking. I was expecting my dad to back out of coming down like he always does right before any event. I’m somewhat glad he came, but he really intimidates me most of the time. The whole right down he was pissed off and very silent. Even when looking at the car. Driving with me driving the car. I really don’t know why he was pissed. Nor does my mother. I just remember him saying “You mother didn’t need me to come and look at this car. It’s a beautiful car. You searched well.” /rant

Anyway, before buying the car my parents must have taken the car out for a half-an-hour on the road before they came back. One can say as I stood with the guy in his driveway waiting for them to come back that I began to know the previous owner of the car rather intimately. Ha.

Upon my parent’s test drive of the car they could not find a single thing wrong with it other than a little rattle from a harness that probably loosened over time. Tightened that up right away. Problem solved. The only other suggestion was to do a tune up and flush the coolant when possible. One can expect to do that at least once a year. Average. Maybe a high-speed balance is needed on the tires. Nothing really major at this point, and let’s hope there isn’t any for a while… say 5 years?

I guess I’ll be updating with some pictures of the car. None of which will have me in it because I’m too bloody ugly.

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