Car experts?

Alright, well I’m sitting in the parking lot warming up the car today. I rev the engine in park and only see a max of about 4000 RPM, while I felt an assload of torque from the engine. It basically felt like the engine was going to hit the hood of the car. It’ll get to 4000 RPM and then you’ll hear something to the effect of not enough air, so like it’s not going through the muffler correctly? I don’t know. Now I sit here searching for an answer for the reason that may happen. I noticed a few days ago that while driving I couldn’t pass 4000 RPM will out feeling something weird. Suggestions?

My thoughts are that:

  1. There is not enough air getting into the engine as the RPMs increase.
  2. It could also be the air filter, fuel filter.
  3. The exhaust itself is 3″ instead of 2.5″ as on most V6 Firebird/Camaro’s creating bad back-pressure.
  4. All this speculation above leads me to think it just needs a larger intake vavle (but possible fail NJ emission tests if I do that)?
  5. At worst it would be the transmission or the engine-block themselves. But lets hope not.

In all, this car does require a tune up when I find time to take it to a shop. Maybe that’ll take care of it? It’s unable to take the full force of the engine so it drops? Eh. I’m lost. Almost as bad as E&M.

3 thoughts on “Car experts?”

  1. Lack of exhaust back-pressure shouldn’t be the problem. Change your maintenance items first and see what happens.

    MVS won’t care if you install an intake.

  2. Turns out the tube that connects the air filter to the engine was not sealed correctly on the bottom. I guess you can say there was an air leak. I took it off, and placed it back on the right way. Re-attached the cupling. It seems to be holding for now. Sounds a lot better, but probably still needs that tune up.

    But hey, now I got the car to go up to 6000 RPM no problem on the open road.

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